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Poster: Tyler Date: Oct 27, 2006 6:23pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Creating Tool for Band Style.. need suggestions.

1) Does this concept sound useful? Would you use it?

Absolutely! It's been something that has eluded the LMA for years now (The Keyword browsing feature hasn't shown to be particularly useful IMHO). The perfect idea is to have someone just create it on their own, and link to it in the FAQ or something. With user input / content it could fill up fast (in theory).

2) Does the layout above sound useful. What changes would you make/features would you add? ex: Have 5 styles per band? Drop the rating system? etc.

3 styles per band is good. it can be up to the person to pick however many styles they want, but limit it to 3. people tend to get out of hand when they love bands, but let them just put 1 or 2 if they want. Don't require 3.

the rating system could be dropped, since anyone who knows the band / likes them are the ones going to fill out part of the info on the band's section. We all know they love that band, no need to have 900 5 star ratings for the band.

3) What "styles" of music should be preloaded into the system? ex: Jam, Blues, Jazz, etc. The more suggestions the better.

I agree, brows around CDDB and get some from there. Genres are so hard to define, as long as you stick to the main ones, trends will develop that allow the new viewer to get a jist of what the band sounds like. I'd also say "Rock", "Singer / Songwriter", "Acoustic", "Punk", "Psycadelic", etc..

I hope this happens Ed! It would be amazing if you got it up off the ground and had all 2000+ LMA artists on there for ref. Start small, hit the main big bands on here and then work from there.


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Poster: chops11 Date: Oct 30, 2006 9:33am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Creating Tool for Band Style.. need suggestions.

Here's a beginning list. Anyone care to add/edit?

Classic Rock
Dance music
Hip hop
Latin American
Rhythm and Blues
Singer Songwriter

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Poster: xtifr Date: Oct 28, 2006 10:20am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Creating Tool for Band Style.. need suggestions.

> "(The Keyword browsing feature hasn't shown to be particularly useful IMHO)"

That's in large part because it's never worked (at least not within the LMA), even though I posted a fix within days of its introduction, along with a working example! And now, keywords have been abused almost past the point of no return. Which is largely because people don't understand what they're for, because they can't try them out, because they don't work. I think the keywords could have been useful, I think they might still be salvaged, but ONLY IF THE LINKS ARE FIXED TO HAVE "mediatype=etree" INSTEAD OF "mediatype=audio"!! All it takes is one tiny edit to one tiny PHP template somewhere, and bammo! Keywords work, and might even start to become useful! Keywords on the front page, keywords in artists collections, all currently useless, all SO EASY to FIX!

Browse the Live Music Archive by Subject/Keyword
Browse Little Feat by Subject/Keyword

Hey, the links in those pages work! Wow, magical, huh? *sigh*

That said, I do think it makes more sense to associate genres with artists than shows. But AGAIN, that could done with keywords!! Chops's idea of how to generate the genre information is great, but the SIMPLEST way to get there is to store the information AS KEYWORDS in the collection record. No need to create some elaborate new structure; all the basic elements are already available. Then you just need a link to "browse collections by subject/keyword".

Oh, there is one other bug in the browse.php script when field=/metadata/subject. Does anyone know who I'd discuss that with? Jon Aizen? Or is he too-overworked, as usual? MAN, I wish I could at least read some of the code to this site! It's SO much easier to report bugs when you can say, "look, right here, in this line, it's using the wrong field!". And even if a report like that is wrong, it's usually still MUCH easier on the poor, overworked engineers and techs to grok the situation.

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Poster: Tyler Date: Oct 30, 2006 5:55pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Creating Tool for Band Style.. need suggestions.

Thank you for your detailed tip xtifr. The main page 'browse by subject / keyword' now pulls up links that when clicked on, bring up results for the indicated keyword. Let us know if you find further items for the engineers to look at in more detail.